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Random sets of furniture that I made for practice and maybe to use in a game. This pack includes furniture at two different sizes 24x24 and 30x30. Some are animated but most are static.


  • 24x24 and 30x30 pixel art furniture
  • Animated and static
  • Individual sprites and spritesheets
  • Book shelves, clocks, desks
  • Banners, tables, workshops
  • Furnace, anvil, training dummies
  • Altars, obelisks, strange furniture
  • And more...

Usage Guidelines

  • Can be used in free and commercial projects.
  • Assets can be modified.
  • Do not redistribute or resell the assets or any derivatives of the assets
  • Please give credit by linking to my itch page or put "@PixelCreations on Itch.io".
  • If you have any suggestions or ideas for new sprites, then let me know in the comments.
  • If you're not following my Itch profile, then don't request for me to add new sprites for you.
  • If you do end up using any of my sprites in a game, then please come back later and comment on what could be improved and if it worked for your game. Or just leave a rating on Itch. (feel free to link to your game too)
  • If you have any questions just ask.

Pack is actively being added to

~67 / 100 furniture added (I will probably add more than 100)

StatusOn hold
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
AuthorPixel Creations
GenreRole Playing
Tagsart, decor, decoration, Dungeon Crawler, furniture, Pixel Art, Sprites, Top-Down


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Can I not leave credit if I buy this pack for $ 10? I just want to use it for my game and know that Google Play policy does not approve links to other resources in apps.


Hmm.... that's fine I guess. You could also just do it as text i.e. @PixelCreations on itch.io or something.

Could you provide me with a link to where that's described in their policy so that I can try to amend the requirements I put here?

Also, which of the furniture did you plan on using? It's not important, I'm just wondering ^^

My app has been temporarily removed from Google Play due to this issue. I just left a link to OpenGameArt, and after 7 days they told me that I needed to remove this link, as some people complain about its harmfulness (but it was a normal link to the author's page) In fact, in the summary of the rules of google play it is written that you cannot leave links to malicious resources and that's it. There is an opinion that google play dont care even their own rules and they do as they want. (And Sorry for my bad english)

PixelCreations on itch.io ( Sounds good and more comfortable and also people can easy find you )

Okay thanks, I'll look into it more later. Just don't forget the itch part I'm not PixelCreations anywhere else haha

By the way, the whole Asset is made perfectly and fits many styles. I wanted to fill the break room in my little rpg game.

Can you try making ground tiles

Maybe in a different pack... this one is for furniture at a specific perspective for my needs

Ok thank you

those are really nice. good job bro/sis.

Thanks :P